Will Mikkelson Audio

Producer/Mixing Engineer/Songwriter

Producer/Mixing Engineer/Songwriter


A good mix boldly presents your song to the world without drawing attention to itself. I don’t want to change your song; I want to make it sound the way it was always meant to sound, whether that means getting clinical low-end in an EDM song or introducing the character and grit of vintage gear for an intimate folk arrangement. As a songwriter and artist myself I bring creativity to the mixing process that goes beyond formula and technique and zeros in on the ways that music moves us.


Do you have a complete vision for a song or just a partial idea? I can translate that into reality. I like to use a variety of past and present production techniques that utilize the best that the software and hardware worlds have to offer. I believe a good production should offer something unique and not be afraid to break the rules. The world doesn’t need more of the same; it needs your unique voice.


You may know exactly what you want in your song and simply need to get the best recording possible. That’s where a tracking engineer comes in. A tracking engineer doesn’t creatively speak into the song, the arrangement, or the various instrumental parts; he or she just gets a great professional recording that suits the style of the song.

Editing/Session Prep

Musically tuning a vocal, pocketing drums, cleaning up audio edits, and preparing a session for mixing. Contact me for pricing!